I Want to Ride the Bulldozer

I’m sitting in my bulldozer moving some dirt around, just thinking to myself, “Man do I have a lot of dirt to move, better get to work.” Vroom. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Chuga Chuga Chuga. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Then I hear a voice “Richard! Time to go!” I yell back “BUUUTTTT MOM! I’m WORKING!” Mom says “You can come tomorrow and move more dirt.” I sigh “Ok”. I get out of my bulldozer and head home with my mother.

Imagination like that can be nurture at the playground. Perhaps your children will grow up to be a construction worker, or a fire fighter, or a race car driver, or even a pilot.


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Established in 1995 by two playground representatives, Childforms® was founded on the principle, that by offering quality playground equipment at fair prices, with excellent customer service, we could set ourselves apart within the playground industry.

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We designed all playground equipment to meet public playground safety standards (ASTM 1487 & CPSC) because we care about the safety of your children. It’s a perfect addition to any park, school, church, apartment, early education center or other organization that enriches childhood through play.

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